McCary Stevens Associates ("MSA") provided institutional clients a broad range of commercial mortgage underwriting, due diligence and loan advisory services from its founding in 1993 to 2009. With its staff of 18 full and part-time commercial bank and insurance company trained loan officers with a strong credit culture its services helped its institutional clients analyze, invest in, and manage their real estate loans, portfolios and CMBS (commercial mortgage backed) bonds. Over those 16 years, MSA analyzed over $130 billion in principal amount over 7,500 commercial real estate assets for its clients.

With the decline of the new issuance CMBS market during the great recession, MSA's founding principals pivoted their business efforts into the now deeply discounted CMBS bond market (AA to BBB bonds). They retired McCary Stevens Associates and started a new money management company, Hartland Realty Advisors, LLC ("HRA") (click here), offering accredited investors an opportunity to find alpha with this new money manager investing in distressed CMBS bonds.

This website will remain online for a time to provide easy access to a description of the founders' prior commercial mortgage underwriting, due diligence and loan advisory services company.

MSA's clients included some of the largest financial institutions in the country including: Wells Fargo Bank; Citigroup; ING-Clarion; CIBC; Midland Loan Services; Merrill Lynch; J.P. Morgan; RBS Greenwich Capital; Allied Capital; CIT, Five Mile Capital and American Capital.

Services included the following:

  1. Loan Portfolio Review
  2. CMBS Bond Analysis
  3. Whole Loan Portfolio Strategic Planning
  4. Problem Loan Workout
  5. Executive Loan Review
  6. REO (real estate owned) Management
  7. Loan Underwriting